26 April 2012

Spinoza Database Information

Hello again and sorry for the recent lack of posts.  I've been busy with school, making for little time to dedicate to blogging leisure.

Among my school projects of late was a coding project on Spinoza: I wrote, in Python, all the data and functions necessary to create a searchable database for the Ethics listing, for each element (axiom, proposition, scholium, etc.) in the work, its name, position, logical ancestors and descendants, and the numbers of the same.  Since I assume some of my readers might be interested in such a database, I'm posting a link to my work here.  Feel free to emend, alter, display, or otherwise use the information as you please, so long as you give some attribution.

(The best similar study I've seen is that of Tredwell, which differs from mine in excluding from consideration the scholia, prefaces, and appendices of the Ethics.  That seems to me like a pretty drastic omission, so I like to think I've added something to the world in writing my own piece.)


  1. Hi Leo,

    I tried downloading your program, but there seems to be a problem with the URL you provided.


  2. Thanks for the citation. I fully agree that I omitted much important stuff: I was anxious to avoid "editorial" complications--or, better, matters that required human understanding of the text. That is, I was looking for the largest set of relations that everybody could agree were really in the text. It's not without cost.

    Bob Tredwell (RFTredwell@Roadrunner.com)